Why Choose R&R's Shrub Services?

As a homeowner, once you overlook the importance of caring for your shrubs, the value of your home suffers. Once you decide to sell your property, you will have trouble selling it at the price that you want.

Don’t make the mistake of taking for granted the upkeep of your shrubs. Although shrubs are smaller than trees, the moment their growth is uncontrolled, you will have a difficult time in trimming them.

The best way is to hire the professional services of a shrub service in Irving, TX, such as R&R Grass Cutting Service. That way, no matter how busy you are, your shrubs will appear as neat and as gorgeous as you want them to be.

What We Can Offer

You should not hesitate in getting a professional company to keep and maintain your shrubs. Keeping your shrubs maintained on a regular basis will keep them from becoming a costly project in the future.

Here are some of the services that a shrub service in Irving, TX can offer homeowners.

Proper advice before planting

The service of a professional shrub service company begins even before planting. Careful planning of the area is a must. For instance, if you want to have shrubs on your driveway, the company can advise you as to what type of shrubs to plant to ensure that they’ll be strong enough to handle the activities on the driveway. Or they can advise you to put up a fence to protect your plants.

Advice on landscaping

You will need some advice regarding growth patterns and placements for your shrubs. Good plant placements will create equal exposure to rainwater and sunlight.

With regards to shrubs, landscaping is more like pruning services, therefore you will be provided with a professional way of maintaining your plants so that they will always look attractive and clean.

Knowledgeable pruning practices

With a professional shrub service, you will be assured of professional and scientific pruning practices.

This company will not indiscriminately prune and maintain your shrubs. They will perform a “heading cut” which is designed to induce growth underneath the cut mark. Such a cut cannot be done carelessly, but only on a branch that is not the point of attachment or origin.

If growth is not desired, a “thinning cut” will be made at the point of origin or attachment.

Only a professional shrub service in Irving, TX is able to provide this type of pruning service since pruning should be a combination of these two cutting methods. The result will be a terrific-looking shrub all year round.

These are only some of the important tasks a professional shrub service company can provide. If you are not a botanist, you will not possess the proper knowledge and training that shrubs need to look attractive and neat.

If you are a homeowner that wants shrubs to enhance the look of your lawn and your house, but don’t have the time to spend pruning and maintaining them, your best recourse is to call for the services of R&R Grass Cutting Services in Irving, Texas. This company is your best choice.

Whether you want to install or remove shrubs in Irving, TX R&R Grass Cutting Service is here to help. Maybe your shrubs haven’t been trimmed in a long while and you think they can’t be brought down to size. R&R can help with this too. R&R uses commercial grade equipment to get all their jobs done efficiently.

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