Why Choose R&R's Ground Cover Services?

Keeping your grounds healthy and green can be quite laborious but worth all the time and efforts. Although most ground covers depend upon little attention besides periodic watering, fertilizingmulching and priming, maintenance is important in comparison to the hours spent customarily devoted to lawn care.

Some helpful tips for ground cover maintenance

Most of the time spent in ground maintenance pays off. It is important to pay primary attention to getting rid of weeds, specifically perennial weeds as they can be quite a problem. It is also important to pay attention to small task as they are greatly part of keeping your ground cover in tip-top shape.


Ground covers have diverse water needs, much like any other plant. It all leans on the type of grass, and age of the plant. Certain factors such as soil condition and weather affects water needs.

Naturally though, most ground cover maintenance in Irving, TX needs routinely watered when budding and may do very well with infrequent sprinkling. They can also fully thrive with rainfall when they are fully grown and well settled.


Fertilizing greatly depends on the type of plant and soil composition you have for your ground cover. Generally, woody and shrubby ground cover needs little fertilizer as they need low levels of soil nutrients.

Ground covers with denser, supple growth typically have bigger nutrient needs. These type of ground covers need to have annual fertilization to ensure their life and health.

As for soil composition, fine grained soil or claylike soil have more nutrients than lighter, sandier soil and needs lesser amount of fertilizer. Sandier soil needs much more feeding than the lighter, softer ones.


The main reason for having ground cover maintenance in Irving, TX is to remove the task of weeding. Some weeding however is also needed regardless if you have plants in the ground. This is to protect you from bigger problems and to prevent ongoing ones.

Another thing to consider when mulching plants and shrubs is to replace the mulch with new ones as they decay. This generally assists in controlling weed growth. If there is a severe problem with weed growth, we always advise the use of a good herbicide as this can destroy the weeds but not the ground cover.


Edging controls the spread of ground cover roots or underground stems. This allows you to have a well-trimmed and well-manicured ground cover. Installation of a fixed barrier such as one made of stone or concrete can be very helpful and give less time with edging.


Pruning is essentially a part of ground cover maintenance in Irving, TX, especially if you have plants that occasionally shoot out stems at places. We make sure to keep your plants in good shape by pruning them to properly fit your landscape.


Mowing ensures that there is an even spread of patches in your ground cover. This makes your ground cover look well-kept and well managed.

For a good looking ground cover, R&R Grass Cutting Service makes it all possible for you. You do not have to do the hard work, just relax and enjoy the view!

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