Why Choose R&R's Deep Leaf Services?

The ordinary homeowner doesn’t really feel the need for deep leaf clean up service in Irving, TX to remove the dead leaves from the yard. The homeowner is not aware of what will happen if this work is left undone. Perhaps they thinks the dead tree leaves have not yet covered a majority of the canopy of the turf grass.

The Importance of a Deep Leaf Clean Up

It may be true that the amount of leaves covering your lawn is not that much, that is, if the leaves are not covering more than 20 percent of the lawn. But having excessive amounts of leaves on your lawn going into the winter is not recommended for these reasons:

  • If these leaves are not removed, they can kill the grass.
  • The uncorrected condition will encourage snow mold diseases
  • Leaves can become a nesting ground for snakes and small vermin

What We Can Offer

The point is: don’t ignore the accumulation of dead leaves in your yard. If you are not too interested in doing the job yourself, a deep leaf clean up service in Irving, TX would be willing to do it for a reasonable price.

For a certain fee, they can provide you the following leaf clean up services:

Leaf Pick Up Options

Normally, you will be given different options on how you would want the service company to do the leaf clean up. You can choose to either do a gradual pick up of the leaves or a onetime deep clean up.

Gradual Leaf Clean Up

R&R Grass Cutting Service concentrates on leaf pick up and property clean ups starting in November because the grass grows slower at this time when leaves start to fall.

They do their service weekly and gradually pick up the fallen leaves on each visit. The volume of leaves picked up by the crew during every visit is around three bags. Depending on the amount of leaves to be cleaned up, the work sometimes takes a little longer.


Deep Leaf Clean Up

This will involve a complete leaf clean up by the company’s crew. To complete the job, the crew will use commercial equipment, aside from their ordinary tools. The job will involve blowing out of the leaves from all the areas in your property not just in your garden, but also under the bushes, in the driveway, in yard corners, and other areas where dead leaves are wont to settle. In short, this is an extensive deep leaf clean up service that leaves your whole area neat and clean.


Fair Price

Not every yard is the same, therefore, the service fee will depend on the size of the lawn, the amount of leaves that need to be taken out, and the difficulty encountered in doing the job.

Usually, the deep leaf clean up service in Irving, TX will charge you according to the number of hours they spend in completing the job. If you call R&R Grass Cutting Service, they will include all equipment and tools necessary to complete the job, along with the services of their well experienced staff.

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